Monkey KaKa and her family have breakfast with Bun Cha….

Mom is so Amazing at taking care of everyone else that she doesn’t really get very much dinner. Mom please take care of yourself. It’s very important! We don’t only love KaKa and the children. We love you too Mom. We want you to stay healthy. Thank you for reading comments & turning on the closed caption! It’s so nice to be able to know what everyone is saying. The Pho looked so delicious.Kaka is a special monkey 🙊 added to the family.
The baby is a cry baby. She gets her way to much with whatever she wants. Kaka loves to eat and this family feeds her very well. And takes good care of her.Sister, baby n kaka you guys looks so happy playing n cute, cute! Pity that kaka couldn’t talk to me she is genius!.momm thank you so much now we can understand your words i am enjoying too much more your videos where are you from hang? hang be carefull with baby D she gets whay she wants your older girl is very sweet both of them but don’t leave baby D get win always.I was wondering how old is kaka and what type of monkey is she? and what is her life expectancy.
and also what country you are in.Kaka mom you are the most good manners then another channel.and your two daughters are so cute and beautiful children.kaka is the best no1 baby monkey.this is the best family and your husband is very good father too.Kaka is more behaved than Diem. It seems like you can’t make it through one video without Diem crying. Maybe it’s time to take a break from making videos and focus on the baby for awhile. Mother putting hats on Diem head is not healthy. Hats take your hair out. Putting herbal hair grease on it will make it grow not hats. Have a wonderful blessed day. I love Kaka she is so precious and adorable sweet baby monkey.
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